Suspenders are a Men’s fashion accessory that is rising in popularity: this is why our collection is as wide as to meet every request from our clients, ranging in styles, models and fabrics, with Men’s elastic suspenders, iridescent satin suspenders, leather suspenders, each coming with buttons, clips, moustaches, all according to personal preference; accessories and spare parts complete the collection. BRUCLE suspenders are also customizable and, upon request, can be tailored in order to better meet your personal needs.             
  • Y-shape convertible elastic suspenders, dotted burgundy. A dotted pattern can enhance monocromatic ensembles as well as give a touch of class to more casual looking outfits. Comfortable elastic suspenders, entirely handmade in Italy.

    53,28 €
  • Y-shape convertible elastic suspenders, brown check pattern. Comfortable elastic suspenders, entirely handmade in Italy for a warm and elegant look.

    53,28 €
  • Y-shape elastic suspenders with golden clips, dotted dark brown. Elegant and comfortable elastic suspenders, entirely handmade in Italy.

    40,00 €
  • Y-shape convertible elastic suspenders, green skyscrapers. These street-smart suspenders with a modern pattern are entirely handmade in Italy.

    53,28 €
  • Package consisting of suspenders and bow tie made of Italian wool and silk; a warm and elegant bowtie and suspender pattern, perfect for colder climates. An original design ideal not to go unnoticed.

    105,74 €
  • Package consisting of suspenders and bow tie in an original variation on the classic dotted pattern. 100% Made in Italy.

    105,74 €
  • Y-shape convertible elastic suspenders, blue check pattern. With the elegant succession of diamond shapes in tones of blue, you will look outstandingly elegant and refined. Entirely handmade in Italy

    53,28 €
  • Y-shape convertible elastic suspenders, teal skyscrapers. These street-smart suspenders with a modern pattern are entirely handmade in Italy.

    53,28 €
  • Y-shape suspenders and matching bow tie, dotted burgundy. Elegant and comfortable elastic suspenders, entirely handmade in Italy.

    77,87 €
  • Set of terminals and mustache connectors in dollaro print leather for double use convertible suspenders with clips and buttons.For a versatile suspender that can be adapted to different looks.Designed for those who want to change the color of their leather accessories and create unique combinations.Collect them in different colors and combine them to make your suspenders always different.

    16,39 €
  • Set of terminals and mustache connectors in dollaro print leather for double use convertible suspenders with clips and buttons.For a versatile suspender that can be adapted to different looks.Designed for those who want to change the color of their leather accessories and create unique combinations.Collect them in different colors and combine them to make your suspenders always different.

    16,39 €
  • Package consisting of suspenders and bow tie in an original variation on the classic dotted pattern. 100% Made in Italy.

    105,74 €
  • Package consisting of suspenders and necktie made of Italian silk; a particularly bright silk model in shades of white and green, perfect for ceremonial occasions.

    105,74 €
  • Package consisting of suspenders and bow tie in an original variation on the classic dotted pattern. 100% Made in Italy.

    105,74 €
  • Y-shape elastic suspenders with silver clips, striped bordeaux multicolored. Comfortable elastic suspenders, entirely handmade in Italy. For elegant and informal outfits alike.

    30,33 €
  • Y-shape convertible elastic suspenders, burgundy. The warm, dark burgundy is ideal for romantic evenings, as well as for outfits where you want to stand out as a master of class without renouncing the colorfulness of a more formal outfit. Entirely handmade in Italy.

    49,18 €

A history of Men’s suspenders: from the French Revolution to Wall Street to Hipster fashion

Suspenders see their origin at the time of the French Revolution in the XVIII century: at the time, suspenders were simple fabric bands with the mere function of holding buttonless trousers up. With the passing of time, suspenders transformed themselves from just an alternative to the belt to a standalone, preferential Men’s fashion accessory that exudes sophistication and enriches with elegance a man’s outfit. And not only that: suspenders are also a very fashionable item for women and children, among both of whom it is also growing in popularity. Check out our Women’s suspenders and Kids’ suspenders.

There are many illustrious examples of suspenders being worn on the silver screen: Gary Cooper in many movie appearances, Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic, Michael Douglas in Wall Street and even the Clockwork Orange Droogs are among the many looks that rendered suspenders a timeless fashion choice.

X,Y,H: three different shapes, one unique accessory

There are three main suspender belt shapes.

The more classic Y-shape is characterized by three attachments, two of which are on the front and one on the back, where the suspenders get their recognizable Y shape. The attachment can be managed with clips, buttons or leather moustaches to be attached to the buttons on the trousers. The Y-shape of the suspenders has a balanced, clean, elegant and comfortable look.

X-shaped suspenders do not join into one single attachment on the back, crossing instead in order to get two back attachments. It is a more casual style and it is preferred by those who favor the security and comfort of a fourth attachment to the three ones of the Y-shape. It is specifically indicated for people who use suspenders for free time activities such as skiing or biking and wish to combine fashion statement with high comfort. X-shape suspenders are usually attached with clips. Our models follow this trend, as buttons prove to be less efficient and comfortable attachments and are less elegant and harmonious.

The most unusual shape of suspenders is the H-shape. Unlike in the X-shape, H-shape suspenders do not cross on the back and are instead connected through a butterfly shaped perpendicular ridge.

As for usage, it is highly advised not to close clips over the loops, as that would irreversibly damage the suspenders: clips are the most delicate and most subjected to stress element of your suspenders; our suspender clips are made to be high quality and resistant to stress, however it would be advisable to use them correctly in order to preserve their beauty and functionality over longer stretches of time. Furthermore, a clip’s durability and functionality also depends on the kind of fabric the attachment will be made to: clips that are usually attached to thicker fabrics, velvet and jeans will not give the same results when the same ones are then attached to thinner fabrics.

Leather, silk, tubular knit suspenders: different materials for different occasions

BRUCLE’s suspenders are handcrafted with the highest quality materials, provided by experienced manifacturers and tanners. At BRUCLE, we offer suspenders in four main materials, each adaptable to different social situations.

The classic and well known elastic suspenders, available in many solid color choices or in a variety of patterns, are the ideal combination of comfort and elegance. It comes in two different suspender width sizes, 25mm (0.9 in) and 36mm (1,4 in). This material is indicated for most outfits, ranging from formal situations and celebrations to casual clothing.

For gentlemen in search of an elastic yet very elegant style suspender, we offer a choice of iridescent faux-satin elastic material: this kind of suspenders is particularly indicated for social situations like ceremonies, in which the suspenders can give luminescent accents and a touch of additional refinement to two-piece suits or even wedding outfits. These suspenders come in three different width sizes: 18mm (0,7 in), 22mm (0,8 in) and 27mm (1 in).

For suspender belts in British style, tubular knit is our go-to material. Available in twill and jacquard knit patterns with both geometric shapes and and more intricated designs similar to those of cravats and bowties, these suspenders are not elastic except for the back ridge that allows a smoother look.

Finally, we also offer calf leather suspenders, available in many different colors. Our leather suspenders for men come in 18mm (0,7 in) width with clip attachments. Our soft full-grain leathers are soft to the touch and an ideal addition to an original, more casual, look.

From business men to grooms to dancers to ski lovers… to each their own suspenders!

In recent years, suspender belts have become a trend in Men’s fashion in both more formal situations and casual wear.

Coming in many different patterns and prints like the timeless Scottish tartan, suspenders can easily blend in with vintage, country, casual, sporty as well as elegant looks for both men and women.

Although the variety of situations in which suspenders can be worn has been widened more and more as time went by, this garment is still primarily a fundamental accessory for ceremonies and weddings, together with bow ties and pocket squares. For ceremonies, the ideal suspender belt comes in solid colors or in monochromatic patterns, ideally in satin-like materials, iridescent and with embroidered customizations that grant a more personal, yet still sophisticated, look.

Artisan made suspenders: how to make a difference with every detail

Nothing is left to chance: our clips are riveted as to not ruin your trousers, all finishings are made in real leather and are designed to be durable in time. Our 100% handmade in Italy suspenders are sure to not only last longer, but also to combine durability with a longlasting beauty and elegance.

Suspenders and bow ties, suspenders and neckties

Suspenders and bow ties are the most commonly coordinated accessories in Men’s fashion. Combine suspender belts, bow ties and pocket squares for a most elegant look. A less common look is suspenders with neckties, even though they can prove to be an original and clever combination nonetheless: a look to try!

How does one adjust suspenders?

It is easier to adjust your suspenders by fastening the suspenders to the back of the pants, wearing the pants and then sliding the straps over one’s shoulder and attaching them to the front before sliding the regulators up or down. In order for the adjustments to be easier to make and in order to grant a maximum comfort to the wearer, all BRUCLE suspenders have their length regulators positioned on the front.

It is ultimately up to the individual where to place the suspender length regulators, even though over one’s chest is usually considered to be the best position for length regulators to be placed, as long as the suspenders don’t look too tight or too loose on the wearer.

How to wear Men’s suspenders: clips, loops, leather mustaches, button clip suspenders

The innate versatility of suspender belts is clear in the variety of their attachments.

Clips are the easiest to wear type of suspender attachment and the best choice for casual wear. As for all suspender attachments, BRUCLE clips are designed in order not to tarnish or ruin in any way the fabric of your trousers and to last longer.

The most elegant kind of attachment is the leather mustache. In the Accessories and spare parts section you will find mustaches alongside buttons and instructions on how to sew and position them.

If you cannot sew buttons on all your trousers, one can also purchase buttons with clips, which allow you to still wear suspenders with mustache attachments on all kinds of fabrics and models of trousers. Even though it is a less elegant style choice, it can enhance your outfit as the buttons attached with clips are more evident.

As a final option, mustaches can also be word with incorporated clips: this option, available in three different colors in the BRUCLE store, is very versatile and practical, but can only be worn with suspenders that are designed for interchangeable clips.

Common mistakes suspenders wearers make

First and foremost, suspenders should never be worn together with belts in the same outfit.

Clips should never be fastened over other parts of the suspenders thinking that providing a thicker amount of fabric will necessarily grant a more secure fastening: this is a common mistake that often does more damage than good and leads to a shortened lifespan for both clips and suspenders.

Finally, suspender buttons should not be sewn on the outside of your trousers but on the inside.


All our suspenders have a standard (adjustable) length of 120cm (47 in), with the exception of leather suspenders which come in four different sizes.

If, however, you are in need of larger sizes for your suspenders, we have a specific section dedicated to your needs on our website.

You cannot find the suspenders of your dreams? Contact us and we will do our best to accommodate all your individual needs.

How to care for your suspenders

Suspenders are not made to be cleaned in the washing machine.

If you should find stains on your suspenders, first one should use neutral soap on the stained area then rinse with abundant water, paying attention as to not wet leather and metal parts.

In order to clean clips and length regulators, it would be best to use a moistened microfiber cloth. For persistent stains one can also use specific products for metal and leather, making sure that the products don’t come into contact with the elastic section of your suspenders.

Ideas for new, original looks

If you love wearing denim trousers, consider wearing elastic or leather sporty Men’s suspenders to match a more casual style. Don’t limit your choices for colors: red, clue, green, burgundy, orange, white, black,… Every color can enhance your outfit in surprising ways.

But there’s more: in our online shop you will be able to find a series of matching socks in a wide variety of colors to complete your look.

We offer more than 200 different models of suspenders, among which you choose the one that most closely meets your personal needs.