woman wallet, genuine python wallet, wallet made in italy

Wallet of genuine python leather, for classy women looking for something glamorous and fashionable, specifically designed to contain everything they need. Wallet Hand-sewn in Italy

The BRUCLE Women’s wallet collection features a vast assortment of designs for each and every occasion. Ranging from classic leather wallets to luxurious python, BRUCLE offers credit card holders, coin purses, vertical wallets with both button and zip closure. Easily customizable with your name or initials, each item from our wallet collection will make a unique personalized object that can easily meet your taste, style and needs.

Women’s wallets: precious cases for precious objects

More often than not, a wallet is the most precious element of a woman's or a man's daily outfit. Credit cards, cash, personal documents… As a fact, your life is contained in a square of leather or fabric no larger than your hand can hold. This is why, in almost every culture, this object receives the same care as its content, if not even more: it must be beautiful, elegant, it must be able to last for a long time. There are many examples of fanciful money containers from cultures all around the world. An example is the Japanese inrō (), a wooden or ivory box embellished with intricate designs, of great historical importance and still sought after by collectors all over the world.

Just like the inrō, early Western wallets were also hung on their wearer's belt. Over the centuries, however, practicality and safety prevailed over the rest and the wallet started getting hidden inside bags or pockets according to the needs of Men's and Women's fashion. Thankfully, this did not lead to a lack of the fashion world's interest in the aesthetics of this accessory: nowadays, the wallet is an indispensable complement to your outfits and for this very reason it is vital to look for the most elegant one that can suit your aesthetic sensibility.

BRUCLE Women's wallets are designed to meet your every need: products with exotic leathers of rare beauty such as crocodile, python, ostrich, our wallets come with a classic design, as money bags or credit card holders and are 100% made in Italy. Among this variety, you will surely find the one that best suits your style. But that’s not all! BRUCLE wallets can be personalized with your initials or those of your loved ones!