Product care

Leather accessories

In order to keep your leather products always beautiful, we suggest you follow the following instructions:

  • Only clean with a dry, soft cloth;
  • Leather products may get stained if they get in contact with water or commercial detergents;
  • Keep your product away from water; should it get wet or its surface be stained, dry with a light colored cloth. Do not use solvents or soap. Let it dry in the air without exposing it directly to heat sources;
  • If the fabric lining (for example in a wallet) gets dirty or has superficial stains, we suggest you clean it using a soft and light colored cloth. Never use soap or solvents;
  • Keep your accessory away from humid environments and try to avoid direct sunlight or heat sources (such as radiators, parts of the internal environment of the car heated up by the sun, etc.) on it;
  • Try to avoid staining your product with perfume, creams, oils, makeup or disinfectants, as they would compromise its natural beauty and functionality. For superficial stains, clean with a soft cloth;
  • Home tricks or washing in the washing machine will irremediably ruin the item;
  • Avoid scratching the product against abrasive surfaces or putting it into contact with surfaces artificially colored.

Filtered silk facemasks

BRUCLE filtering facemasks are made with silk and TNT (non-woven fabric), long lasting materials that will grant your facemask a longer lifespan and many reusages if you follow the instructions below for their washing.

  • Hand wash your facemask with cold water and disinfectant detergents;
  • Using a silk-specific and delicates-specific detergent at low temperatures will guarantee both the silk and the non-woven filtering layer will have a longer durability, even with frequent usages;
  • Let the mask steep in the disinfectant detergent following the instructions;
  • Rinse thorougly and let air dry;
  • Your masks don’t need ironing, but you can still iron only the silk layer, if you wish, at lower temperatures or with a silk-setting.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our BRUCLE customer service!