Crocodile belts

Elevate your style with the exclusive alligator and crocodile belts by Brucle, handmade in Italy. Discover the unmistakable luxury and sophistication of these unique and distinctive accessories. Wide range of colors and customizations.

Handmade crocodile and alligator belts | BRUCLE

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Hand-stitched camouflage crocodile belt Hand-stitched camouflage crocodile belt Brucle

Hand-stitched camouflage crocodile belt

Stunning camouflage crocodile belt, hand-stitched with saddle stitching. An extraordinary belt, a unique expression of Italian craftsmanship.
This crocodile belt has a height of 4 cm, making it the perfect model for a sporty style and to elevate even a pair of jeans into a trendy item.
Customizable for free with engravings, it is easily shortened thanks to the handy manual screw closure.
The dabbed color enhances and highlights the beauty of the genuine crocodile leather.
Every BRUCLE crocodile belt is a unique piece, thanks to the use of certified genuine exotic leather under CITES.

Price €315.57