Buckles and belt accessories

Buckles and belt accessories Made in Italy | BRUCLE

A selection of made in Italy belt buckles, also nickel-free, and accessories to customize your Brucle leather belt.
Thanks to the practical and convenient snap closure system, you can replace the buckle of your belt independently, without the need for tools or screwdrivers.

Nickel free 35 mm Buckle, polish

Nickel free 35 mm Buckle, polish

Nickel free brass polish buckle (according to REACH guidelines). 1.37 inches (35 mm) wide

Material: solid brass

Certified Nickel Free

Easily replaceable buckle with a timeless design and an elegant look, suitable for both Men's and Women's belts.

Compatible with all Brucle 35 mm high leather belts.

Price €10.41

+ 4 Colors