Belt size guide

Here are some easy steps to measure the size of your belt:

1. If you have a belt that you use frequently, measure the distance between the hole that you use the most and the tip of the buckle, which corresponds to the measure of your waist size.

Warning: do not consider the numbers written on the lining of the belt, as they may not be real nor correspond to the actual measure.


2. Measure the waist size, or the circumference of the placing of the belt when you will wear it.

If your measurements are between two sizes, we recommend you choose the bigger one.

All BRUCLE belts can be easily shortened. For this reason in case of doubts

our suggestion is to order one size up and, in case of necessity, shorten it to your ideal measurement.

Find your belt size

cm inch Waist size
70 27.5" 70
75 29.5" 75
80 31.5" 80
85 33.5" 85
90 35.4" 90
95 37.4" 95
100 39.4" 100
105 41.3" 105
110 43.3" 110
115 45.3" 115
120 47.2" 120
125 49.2" 125
130 51.1" 130
135 53.1" 135
140 55.1" 140
145 57 " 145

Belt Size Guide


The ideal measurement of the belt is obtained from the fastening of the belt at the third hole, i.e. the middle hole.

The sizes of BRUCLE belts indicated on our website are measured from the buckle to the third hole, in other words they have the waist size as the reference.

Why is it useful to measure the circumference of the waist on the placement of the belt when it will be worn?

The choice of the size depends on how the belt will be worn as well: with high waisted clothing, standard waisted clothing or low waisted clothing.

This is why we recommend you always measure your waist size on your preferred belt placement.

How do I measure my waist size?

Get a tape measure and simply measure the circumference of your waist at the hips or wherever you usually wear your trousers. That is how you will determine your waist size.

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