Suspenders Size Guide

Elastic suspenders

In order to choose the size of your suspenders follow these simple steps:

1. Measure the distance between the front loop of the trousers and the back one, passing a simple tape measure over the shoulder.

If this measurement is less than or equal to 120 cm, you can order all BRUCLE braces, both elastic and silk, in the 120 cm size.

BRUCLE braces in the standard size of 120 cm satisfy all sizes, for both men and women, up to a maximum indicative height of about 190 cm for suspenders worn with mustache connectors and a maximum height of approximately 185 cm when worn with clips.

Thanks to the length regulators on the front straps of the suspenders, all suspenders can be regulated in order for the size to always be perfect for you.

The height is indicative since, for the measurement of any braces, the physical conformation of a person must be taken into account.

For people who exceed these heights, we always recommend measuring your suspenders size as indicated in point 1. before requesting a custom size.

If the length exceeds the length of 120 cm, it is always possible to request the "Customized size" service as a customization.

On the product page, select the desired "Customized size", 130 cm suspenders or 140 cm suspenders and then "Plus size" or "Tall person".

In this way we will make the suspenders tailored according to your needs.

For larger sizes, do not hesitate to contact us!

Suspenders in silk and fabric

Silk suspenders are measured just like elastic suspenders and are the same size as elastic suspenders, but only the back strap is elastic.

This causes silk or fabric suspenders to give a softer effect, especially when you're seated.

Leather braces

BRUCLE leather suspenders have two rigid straps in soft calfskin, which are not adjustable, and just like silk braces have only the back strap adjustable.

Leather suspenders can therefore be adjusted on the back, so as to keep the front as clean as possible. In fact, the rear strap is elastic and allows an adjustment of 15 cm in defect. Therefore, for example, from a maximum length of 120 cm one can get to a minimum length of 105 cm.

BRUCLE's advice for identifying the exact size of leather suspenders is to wear a pair of trousers that you wish to use with your suspenders, and to measure the distance between the front belt loop of the trousers and the one on the back just as indicated for elastic suspenders. The length you will thus obtain is the one to order, keeping in mind that leather suspenders tend to become a little looser with time and that it is possible to regulate your leather suspenders up to 15 cm shorter thanks to the length regulator on the back.

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