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Narrow men's gray silk suspenders

Narrow men's gray silk suspenders, with hand-colored leather parts. A versatile model, in luminous silk, ideal for a fashionable look without sacrificing elegance.

More information

The narrow gray silk suspenders are dual-use and can be worn with clips or alternatively with leather moustaches for buttons, adapting to different styles and occasions. They come equipped with all necessary accessories, and can be further personalized with accessories such as button clips, leather moustache clips, and can be modified as desired by changing the color and type of attachments.
The Brucle narrow men's gray silk suspenders are perfect for ceremonies and formal events, especially when paired with a coordinated tie or bow tie.
Every detail of these narrow silk suspenders has been thought out to ensure a superior quality product, from the use of fine and exclusive materials, to the hand-colored leather that makes each suspender a unique piece, to the nickel-free finish, ideal for those who are allergic to metals.
Like all Brucle men's suspenders, the narrow gray silk suspenders can also be personalized with engravings of the clips or leather parts, and can be custom-made.

Price €81.15

+ 26 Colors