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Brucle handmade belts for men are unique and exclusive products that exalt any look. All our Handcraft belts are created with passion and attention to details as per leather belts made with high quality materials manufactured by best Italian artisans. Brucle belts express all the quality and exclusivity of Made in Italy.

Handcrafted Men’s belts with a contemporary design: a unique collection, 100% handmade in Italy, made with the most refined materials and the uttermost attention to detail. Find your elegant or casual style among the models in leather, elastic stretch and braided fabric from the new BRUCLE collection. Make your belt unique by personalizing it or its buckle with your name or initials or even with a drawing. Upon request, we can tailor your belt to your needs: personalize your style with BRUCLE.

Handcrafted Men's belts

Finding a belt online is not a hard task: there are many brands and retailers offering a wide range of belts and belt accessories, and yet, nothing can compare to the sophistication and beauty of an Italian crafted belt. What makes ours different? Our attention to every detail, from the choice of the most harmonious design to the last step of production. For our Men’s belt collection we only select top quality materials, leathers (our exotic leathers are all treated accordingly to the CITES certification standards) and finishing, and offer items of rigorously handmade production, a warranty of true craftmanship. The result of this process is a belt collection that fuses the high quality of the materials with a unique attention to the aesthetic function.

Made in Italy contemporary craftsmanship 

Our BRUCLE Men’s belts are the result of a universe of values with, at its core, Made in Italy contemporary craftsmanship. What does this mean? That each belt is a one-of-a-kind handmade work of art, crafted in Italy by the very best craftsmen, whose experience and meticulousness are imprinted with love into each creation. Not only that: Italian crafts are visible in the details, in the passion for creating truly beautiful products able to last through time. Finally, Italian crafts are easy to adapt to international and personal fashion tendencies without losing their aesthetic identity. All of this makes our Men’s belt collection stand out among others as a unique fashion experience.

Types of belts and how they match each style

There are many different types of belts. The standard classification places elegant belts on one side and sports belts on the other. The choice of fabrics and buckle, as well as the treatment of materials, determines the final style of the belt. Exotic leathers such as python and crocodile are considered luxury, elegant ; stretchy or woven fabrics, on the other hand, contribute to creating a casual and sporty look. Even the height and the presence of seams of the belt is a definer of its style: the lower and the more seamless, the more elegant it will be. All BRUCLE Men's belts have a satin brass buckle, a sustainable and resistant material.

Finally, size is also an important aspect to consider: the belt should be buckled on the third hole in order for it to fit well and to prevent the end of the belt from exceeding in length. To avoid the adjusting problem, we created easily belts that can be easily shortened.

Here are, in detail, the different types of belts:

  • Handcrafted leather belts: with genuine smooth leather or printed three-dimensional effects, these are classic belts, ideal for an elegant or a casual look: an indispensable accessory for your wardrobe. 
  • Elastic belts: made with elastic braided fabrics. Practical and comfortable to wear thanks to the properties of the materials used and the absence of holes which allows to buckle the belt wherever you wish. 
  • Braided belts: a perfect accessory for a casual outfit made with fabrics and leather in different colors. They are comfortable as elastic belts and versatile as leather belts.
  • Python leather belts: the most fashionable luxury accessories. They are crafted in many different techniques, each highlighting the beauty of the many natural details of the leather.
  • Crocodile leather belts: among the most valuable exotic leathers, crocodile leather adds a truly luxurious style to your accessory. All belts are created from the most precious parts of the animal, the flank being the most popular.
  • Suede leather belts: genuine suede belts combine elegance with a more casual look. With matching seams, perforated leather or buckle with a chain, suede belts are a must-have for men’s every-day fashion. 

Have you already found the belt for you? Take a look at our Men’s belts collection and choose the one that matches your expectations and your style!