About us

BRUCLE is an Italian brand of handmade fashion accessories based on the values of Italian style, quality and contemporary craftsmanship.

These values can be recognized in a wide range of products that can create a total look of accessories that stand out in their style and quality.

All BRUCLE collections are designed in Padua and made entirely by hand in Italy, making all our products 100% Made in Italy.

Our products are the result of a universe of values that revolves around the cornerstone that is contemporary craftsmanship.

What does it mean?

Since 2002, the style and quality of BRUCLE can be recognized in its beautiful and functional products that combine quality, experience and tradition with the continuous search for innovative materials and technologies for the processing of leather and fabrics while respecting the environment and the economy circular.

This is what distinguishes the BRUCLE Collection as one of a kind.

Our attention to the individual needs of each customer is manifested in our ability to customize products with the aim of always offering new ways of experiencing the accessory and to offer a tailored tailor-made service.

BRUCLE caters to the international B2C and B2B markets through online shopping channels and a sales network and shops.

Our timeline

2002. Establishment of BRUCLE by Pierpaolo Bruscu and beginning of a collaboration with the best Italian artisans.

2012. Alessandra Bruscu, daughter of the founder Pierpaolo, and Simone Marzini take over part of the company shares and start a new challenge. New product lines are inserted beyond the consolidated wholesale sales –Ecochic, an innovative line focusing on creative recycling, is born.
In the same year our e-Commerce website gets launched.

2014. BRUCLE’s entry into a market net of over 15 countries around the world.

2016. Entry of BRUCLE into the markets of Latvia, Japan and South Korea – the latter two will become the brand’s main market in Southeastern Asia.
Launch of customized and tailored services for B2C and B2B customers.

2018. BRUCLE conquers new markets and stands as a leading brand for customized and tailored handmade accessories: our products can be customized with logos, monograms, initials and names, and our belts can be tailored to your measures.

2020. BRUCLE converts part of the production of ties and bow ties into filter masks for community use through the rising worldwide health situation. Our silk masks gain an excellent response thanks to their unique and elegant design and, above all, their safety, comfort and sustainability.

2021. BRUCLE opens its representative office in Dubai, increasing the international presence of our brand's Italian values in the UAE in collaboration with the Italian Industry & Commerce Office.

2022. Brucle strengthens its presence in international markets with the opening of a commercial office in Tokyo and with participation in the most important international trade fairs in the sector.