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Latch keychains are a small and classy accessory that completes a gentleman’s look: BRUCLE keychains are entirely handcrafted in Italy using only the finest exotic leathers and customizable metal latches. They are a lovely and longlasting addition that can embellish your car or house keys and can serve as a nice gift idea. Ask for a name or initials customization when purchasing yours!

Key holders for Men and Women: a history of class from a simple ring to the most sophisticated fashion statement

The first key holders as we know them were simple metal rings with no distinctive traits, which made it more difficult to tell one group of keys from another. It’s because of this necessity that more modern key holders were eventually designed and produced.

Nowadays keychains come in many varieties of style and manufacture, and among the classiest ones are keychains in crocodile, python, ray and ostrich leather.

BRUCLE designs and produces its original handcrafted keychains using the finest exotic leathers or high quality calf leather enriched with three-dimensional saffiano prints. Our keychains come in combination with a protective nubuck leather layer that keeps the keychain’s beauty unaltered with the passing of time.

A classic elegant or a more casual match? The choice is up to you!

Even in the same model, the choice of material for your key chain can determine its final style drastically. For example:

Saffiano print leather keychains have the potential to be the most elegant fashion accessory, especially in black color.

For a more unique and trendy style, your choice may fall on python leather keychains; the real leather quality of the material makes each keychain not only a fashion statement but a definitely unique work of art. Our python leathers came in opaque and lucid colors, depending on how much you wish to draw the eye to the leather’s natural scales.

One of the classiest choices of keychain materials is crocodile leather, another is the rare and luxurious ray fish leather, which will transform your keychain into a jewel, nothing short of unique.

Each BRUCLE keychain is the result of passion and of the masterful treatment of precious and certified leather in comnbination with top quality metal finishings.

Artisanal keychains for a special gift

BRUCLE keychains, coming in elegant boxes, make for excellent gifts even for the most particular personal preferences thanks to our attention to detail. In our online store you will surely find the personalization that you need in order to make your gift exceptional and tailored to the personal taste of your loved ones.

In fact, our BRUCLE artisanal keychains are the perfect unisex gift, but are very easily adaptable to more masculine or more feminine styles depending on your choice of materials, colors and personalizations.

How to best care for your BRUCLE keychain

BRUCLE Men’s keychains and Women’s keychains are made with materials that are best not cleaned in abundant water.

The best way to clean stains on your keychain is to use lightly moistened microfiber cloths or to use specific products for leather and metal. The leather part of the keychain was treated in order to keep its natural luminosity and beauty for longer and doesn’t need further treatment.

Be careful not to use water on your leather keychain: when leather is exposed to water for long periods of time, it is easier for permanent stains to be left on it. If your keychain is wet with water, it would be best to sponge it with a paper towel or with a soft piece of cloth.