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Keyring Brucle is entirely handmade in Italy. Elegant and always on vogue, it is a perfect gift idea for a special occasion that will leave everyone agape.


Our Women’s keychain collection is 100% handmade in Italy with real python and crocodile leather. Available in many different colors, our Women’s keychains will make you stand out for their artisanal high quality and beauty. All keychains are customizable with your name or initials and can be tailored to your personal needs.

Women’s keychains: a universe of symbols

The keychain is a ubiquitous object, both as a fashion accessory and, most of all, as a vital holder of the entries to all the doors of your life.

To give you an idea of the importance that the protection and transportation of keys has in our society, we could mention the offices whose main symbol and name mentions keys, both in secular institutions and religious ones. But that is not all there is to the keychain: because of its centrality in our day-to-day life, this object can be a recurring presence in our dreams – its meaning? Safety, trustworthiness, power, responsibility, competence and new opportunities. In other words, keychains are an indicator of the trust and importance that a person is granted by their peers, and as such it is charged with memories and emotional value.

Unconsciously or not, the choice of a keychain to carry everywhere you go is a personal, intimate moment, and that makes it vital to find an object that is elegant, meaningful and of top quality.

What is your keychain style? Formal, casual, eccentric or sophisticated?

Our BRUCLE Women’s keychain collection allows you to find a unique way of experiencing the accessory with highest quality materials treated and decorated by master craftsmen from Italy. Their design can be clean or braided or printed depending on your own taste and sensibility. Every keychain represents a different style:

For a more formal, work environment friendly look, you may choose women’s keychains in crocodile or python leather (all CITES certified) with darker and elegant colors. These precious leathers, as well as the equally elegant ostrich skin print, are treated with passion and attention to detail as to grant a long life to your ever-present accessory.

Among the rarest leathers you will find on our webstore, ray leather stands out as a greatly resistant and durable material for both formal situations and eccentric styles.

More casual looks don’t have to renounce some refinedness: saffiano prints and braided leathers can function as trendy and durable car key holders.

Floral leather prints, with their oriental inspired design, go well with the sophistication requirements of an elegant woman who will not compromise even for her smallest fashion accessory. All our printed floral leathers are carefully treated to be beautiful and longlasting and can be a nice idea for a gift to the most important women in your life.

Finally, we can’t not mention the unique tartan printed leather keychains, providing your ensemble with a warm, relaxed and quietly eccentric style.

Customize your keychain by requesting the incision of your initials or those of your loved ones!