Men’s bow-tie: a symbol of style and elegance to wear everyday

A symbol of inspiration and creativity to add originality to your usual look: match the fancy touch with the fabrics of our bow-tie; simple tips will be enough to find the perfect match.

Some accessories are more than simple objects to wear, they become symbols of style able to show the personality of the one who wears them. Men’s bow ties, for example, are more than a simple substitue of the tie to knot your shirt collar. Above this functional side, the bow-tie has become a must have for your evening outfit or your dress uniform as a dinner jacket or a tailcoat. It is now in your daily life and has succeeded in imposing as a trendy accessory for every occasion.

The bow-tie is classic, informal or even eccentric : fabrics, colors and fancies will make the difference to determine your style. Geometric patterns, floral prints and bright colors will bring more originality to your bow-tie and will make it become a contemporary accessory.

Wearing a bow-tie for less formal occasions doesn’t mean «don’t respect some of the fashion codes».

The shirt collar must be short in order not to be longer than the bow-tie. The ideal collar is the French one since its ends are small and outwardly facing. You can choose a color with round-shaped ends.

With the bow-tie, you must always wear a jacket, you can choose a trendy one or a leather one but always of good taste. If you wish it, you can also wear a jumper or a waistcoat under your jacket.

The choice of colors is not always obvious. For example, the red bow-tie is very conspicuous, so you must pay attention to the tone on tone.

The fabric of the bow-tie is very important too. You must create a contrast. It is better to match a wool bow-tie or a velvet one with a jacket made of a refined fabric. However, silk bow-ties or satin ones could be worn with a tweed jacket.

Finally, it is essential not to neglect the shape and the size of your bow-tie to wear it properly. The classical bow-tie is a safe value, you can choose a Lord bow-tie for a trendy style or the Butterfly one to be less classical but more refined.

Once the basic rules acquired, we are ready to transgress them to create atypical styles which will give you originality for your daily dress. Brucle is at your disposal to cross the line of the dress code leaving space for your personality and your creativity.

The men’s bow-tie: the expression of a style which is off the chart

The bow-tie is for men an accessory able to express their inspiration in different contexts. However, transgress dress codes with originality and fancy is not always easy, especially the first time. To do it, we advise you to become more familiar with the bow-tie, an eclectic accessory and a polyvalent one.

Use the color

Color your days with a blue bow-tie, a red one, a yellow one or a green one. Choose among a wide range of fancy bow-ties available on our website: houndstooth, polka-dot, checkered (big or small), tartan, flowered and fancy ones. Exceptional bow-ties delighting people in front of you. We remember you that it is important to match a single-colored bow-tie with a fancy shirt and vice-versa.


Diversify fabrics

In autumn and in winter, choose silk bow-ties, softer and more silky than the other ones. They will give you an original and a warm style. You can also choose a plaid shirt with the same color tone to obtain a sporty and sophisticated style.


Match it with other accessories

For a look that leaves nothing to chance, match your bow-tie with a pair of leather suspenders or elastic ones composed of a unique color or fancies. In case you want to be more original, wear your bow-tie with a sports jacket and a vintage pocket square in printed silk. Bow-ties and suspenders with a pocket square will give you a daily smart outfit and an incomparable refinement.


Choose a high quality pre-knotted bow-tie

Pre-knotted bow-ties are recommanded for those who will wear them for the first time but for the others too. It is a very functional accessory carefully hand-sewn using the best fabrics in Como, the city of silk manufacture par excellence. They have a hook for a quick and optimal adjustment.

Now, it is up to you to choose your favourite bow-tie to complete your look. Open our catalogue clicking on the menu dedicated to our men’s bow ties and why don’t you find out our suspenders or pocket squares. Brucle is at your entire disposal to create your daily look!

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