Modern times for men’s suspenders: less rules, more charm

Suspenders have found their place in masculine wardrobe. Brucle adds quality and Italian craftsmanship to aesthetics and taste.

Stock up on suspenders of our collection: leather, satin, elastic, Y-back or X back, with clips or buttons, without forgetting our latest novelties: jersey fabric suspenders with a tubular form. Suspenders are no more a second choice to support your pants, they are a real fashion accessory with exchangeable quality pieces.

Our men’s suspenders meet Brucle expectations and values. Italian crafts, quality of raw materials and finished product, comfort and trend are our priority during the design and the production. Nowadays, men wear suspenders for aesthetics rather than for convenience. Before, they were considered as useful but old-fashioned. Today, they are essential for hipsters and more generally in the Fashion World. We can’t do without them.

And you?

When suspenders were centre stage for the first time, they were associated with a clothing style. From now on, suspenders can be worn for any occasion. It’s just necessary to know how to match them with your clothes and other accessories.

If you opt for a formal wear, choose those with buttonhole and leather finishes for more elegance : Y-back adjustable with three straps. They can be attached with clips or buttons.


You can find the same delicacy in our satin suspenders. They are slim and elastic: X-back or H-back with four straps. The satin suspenders are perfect for a trendy look too!


Men’s suspenders which are much sought after are those with jersey fabric in tubular form. They have an elastic strap behind for an extra comfort and two others made of jersey fabric, they are adjustable.


Thanks to our wide choice of colors and patterns, you can give free rein to your desires to personalize your look. Our catalog consists of a big variety of nuances, classic tones and others more original: patterns, polka-dots, tartans, checks and stripes. There is only one golden rule: choose the appropriate model for your event!

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