How to wear your button suspenders?

Among all types of suspenders, those with buttons are the most elegant to wear.

In the men’s world, everyone knows them: some men have only heard about it, others have worn it al least once and many of them are addicted to it. Suspenders have been fashionable for very different times and periods and have become an indispensable accessory.

The most popular today are clip suspenders, especially among the youngest one who discover the world of suspenders. Indeed, they are really conmfortable, versatile and applicable to most trousers without the need for buttons. You can easily wear your clip suspenders with jeans for a sporty and trendy outfit. For convenience and speed, clips are definitely a safe bet. And what about men's button suspenders? 

Suspenders to wear with buttons

Button suspenders are the perfect complement to a classic menswear outfit. They don’t exclude a casual wear, but they are more highlighted when they are matched with elegant outfits. Suspenders with the button fastening system are perfect for a ceremony or for a professional meeting. They draw the line of your costume recalling a charm of yesteryear and highlight the crease of your pants.

The most refined are undoubtedly the Y-back suspenders (wide or narrow) with leather buttonhole to attach to your buttons.You can also choose interchangeable buttonholes to alternate buttonholes and clips depending on the occasion.

Bretelle a pois uso clip e baffi in pelle

Suspenders with braid ends for buttons instead of a buttonhole is a practical solution for those who often wear suspenders. Less known and specific, braids can be attached exclusively with buttons, as for leather buttonholes. The braid is made of fabric and sewn directly on the suspender.

Bretelle con asole per bottoni

Types and positioning of buttons

True competitors of metal clips, buttons are the real protagonists of this type of suspenders. According to tradition, and for a guaranteed elegance, buttons are sewn inside your trousers, away from prying eyes. It is possible to choose the model and the color according to your requirements.

Bottoni per bretelle neri    Bottoni per bretelle marroni

More modern, buttons with clip for suspenders are placed on the outer side of your trousers with a single gesture, without the need to sew them. The clip fastening system makes it easy and confirms their versatility.

Bottoni per bretelle con clip    Bottoni per bretelle con clip vintage

And you? Do you wear your button suspenders for your classic outfits? Find inspiration on our site!

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