Exotic leather belts: python and crocodile, the most successful

Why should you choose an exotic leather belt? Several characteristics make them unique.

Python and crocodile leathers confer on the belt a certain luxury and make of it a high quality and trendy accessory.

Buying an exotic leather belt is a good bargain because it is one of the most durable and resistant materials. Python and crocodile leather belts keep their beauty forever and they are a timeless accessory, a classic for a refined style. Which one to choose?

Python belts

The python belt is a versatile fashion accessory, it enhances every type of garment, from jeans to elegant pants. We can recognize a genuine python leather thanks to several aspects: it is soft and its scales are rather irregular at the sight and to the touch.


The choice of the skin is crucial to make a quality python leather belt. That’s the reason why we use only the ventral part, the most appreciated. We can notice that Italian craftwork is completed with care: scales are upright arranged so that they don’t hold on trouser loops. Finishes are meticulous, almost perfect!


The CITES certificate is a very important document because it guarantees the origin of the skin and regulates trade. It’s the same for crocodile leather belts.

Crocodile belts

The crocodile belt is one of the most popular, it will never be out of fashion because it’s a classic among elegant accessories. The flank is the most popular part of the crocodile because it’s very soft and gives a unique value to belts.


We also work with other parts of the reptile to create our belts : the tail and the back. Crocodile belts made with the flank or the tail are regular while those made with the back are stiffer and more irregular, that takes nothing away from the quality and the value of the product.


Crocodile belts are also certified CITES and made with vegetable leather. The buckle in brass and the lining in full grain (nubuck) determine the superior quality of the item.

From now on, you know why exotic leather belts are so in demand: quality, a touch of glamour to your look and a drop of luxury in your life.

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