When Made in Italy becomes real

«Made in Italy»: it is easier to said than done. Fortunately, the «italianity» can be a real choice and it shows.

Nowadays, relocation is much talked about, especially when big brands - which could and should fully support the Italian spirit - move their production abroad. For us, Made in Italy is not only a choice but also and above all a mission.

Whether for companies or people, creating and preferring Made in Italy is not a simple individual
. It is also an ethical act for the whole community in terms of value and shared wealth, an act that allows companies to invest more in the territory and on the human factor. 

This is how the brand Brucle was born, with the mission to promote Italian craftsmanship and make it modern for our fashion accessories. A courageous choice that has never made us lose sight of our objective : by choosing material suppliers and craftsmen from our country, we contribute to perpetuate the tradition of manufacturing appreciated throughout the world because the italianity is famous for its style, its elegance and its quality.

In addition, creating a 100% Made in Italy product puts us in connection with realities that have been operating in Italy for many years, often for several generations. These passionate and loving businesses share the craftsmanship of their fathers while using new technologies and new processes such as the laser used for the customization of ours suspenders, our belts and our handcrafted wallets.

Producing in Italy is an added value for us, this allows us to guarantee the quality of our accessories, to choose with care our materials and to offer a premium customization to our customers. In our catalog, you can choose nickel-free belts: it involves changing small parts, from the buckle to the screw. We have also strengthened our customization service with personalized accessories regarding sizes and designs. Only a handmade and a national production makes this possible.

Our products comply with the highest consumer protection laws, this allows us to guarantee the quality of the products. They also comply with laws on material safety (all tested according to REACH and OEKO-TEX for fabrics). However, it is not always easy and even possible to produce 100% Made in Italy: we buy small parts in England or in Germany, the exotic skins obviously come from the other side of the border (with CITES certification) but the assembly and the production always take place in Italy, thanks to the know-how of our craftsmen.

The important thing is to ensure maximum transparency; it is even more urgent to appropriate the term "italianity" and all the values ​​of this word only when the Made in Italy is real.

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