Socks with the days of the week: get off on the right foot!

Get color to your days with style. In the men’s collection Spring/Summer 2018 our “weekly” socks are available in our shop.

Do you want some sun? Have it with our new collection! In our men’s socks collection, socks with the days of the week are made to color each day in a unique and different way.

They are made with 95% natural cotton and 5% elastane to ensure the comfort and a perfect support. Socks with the days of the week have a long model for men with an exclusive italian design. Different colors for each day and the name of the day is sewn just down the ankle. We advise you to wear pants that go up a bit to have the day visible (for example, when you are sitting). These socks are discreet and original underwear to wear as accessories.

This pack composed of 7 pairs of socks includes every day from Monday to Sunday but you can also choose your favourite days of the week! 


Let's start with the intense black of Monday: a classic to wear for any occasion, the dark is in contrast with a bright azure that draws the day and gives this pair of socks the energy we need to start the week with style.


The week has already started and we continue softer: your socks for Tuesday are blue with an orange writing. Classic but slight and colorful, they can complete an elegant or a sporty look.


Wednesday needs energy, vivacity and a good spirit to be on top form. Wednesday is red and symbolizes an activity at full capacity, almost relentless. The white writing softens the red sock reminding us what day it is. 


Still blue but now it’s Thursday! This time, the color is contrasted by a fluorescent green writing and by its tone oriented towards the end of the week, the weekend is coming. These socks are perfect to give a touch of originality to your look.


Friday is totally in blue tones, sky blue runs the lenght of the sock while dark blue is reserved for the writing. Lightness and carelessness announce a weekend on the theme of rest. Does’nt it?


Your yellow socks on Saturday are shiny, bright and sunny. They symbolize fun and positive energy. This pair of socks is perfect to wear during the day or in the evening with friends for an informal or a casual style.


It’s Sunday, a little bit nostalgic for a week already passed and ready for the next one. The fancy socks “Sunday” are beige and red, two classic and neutral tones that marry easily with your outfits.

Treat yourself or offer socks with the days of the week. A colorful gift to celebrate each new day!

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