Say Yes to suspenders and bow tie for the groom!

A perfect marriage with unusual accessories: let your imagination run free to complete your suit.

A duet not very common for the Big Day but it doesn’t worry the new groom. Far from the ideal classic belt/tie, he will prefer to these the suspenders and a bow tie, closer to the retro style.

The choice of accessories is crucial if you don’t want to have a traditional look for one of the most beautiful moments of your life. It will be necessary to take into account the suit, the fabrics, the location, the season and firstly your personality. The duet suspenders/bow tie don’t match always with the suit. You have to know how to make the good choice and match them.

Wedding suspenders

Suspenders confer a high elegance on your look. They support your pants while emphasizing the fit of your suit. A-back, H-back, W-back or Y-back suspenders, leather suspenders, satin suspenders or even elastic suspenders, they are all a perfect mix of originality and boldness. However, for this occasion, we advise the most sober, the satin ones, they are ideal because of their quality fabric and the delicacy of their straps. Then, the last thing to do is to choose the color and that’s it!


If the groom of the new generation is rebel and trendy, he could choose leather suspenders. They are an unconventional accessory of rock inspiration and will have to be in harmony with your complete look.


Elastic suspenders are considered as the less appropriate due to their elasticity. They are often said to be very comfortable but less smart. Everything depends on you! The most important thing is to show your own personality. We always apply to our elastic suspenders leather pieces and finishes, to add beauty and charm to our items. For some more of class, you can also replace clips by buttons. Single color or fancy color, everything is a matter of taste!


Wedding bow ties

The bow tie can replace the tie, it makes a perfect couple with suspenders, a refined and romantic accessory for your great events. Silk and satin are both soft and bright fabrics which enhance the smart character of the bow tie. Those fancy are the most common but it could be too much if you don’t know how to match the accessories. The single color remains the best choice to assure an irreproachable result.


For more convenience and rapidity, you can choose one of our pre-tied bow ties, essential for a perfect smart style. That way, you will be freed from the tie for your Big Day!

Finally, we advise you the unmissable ton sur ton for your suspenders and bow tie.


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