Python mania, fashion accessories in genuine python

Among the most fashionable trends of the moment, animal fashion with the rise of accessories in python asserts itself and becomes even a must.

Since the madness of the python was born, it seems to be unstoppable and is placed at the top of animal leathers for clothing and accessories. The python print has no season and adapts to all climates, it pleases everyone or at least those who are not afraid to expose their own style. This eccentric leather expresses not only pomp and fantasy but above all luxury and quality. The print and the real skin are different.

When we talk about high-value luxury clothing, we cannot limit ourselves to a simple python print leather: accessories with a genuine python leather represent a real source of high quality in the world of fashion in terms of value and style. Here are some tips for wearing them.

Python belts

For men or women, whatever, a genuine python belt can enhance any type of clothing, sporty or elegant. The patterns formed by the irregular scales of the python skin are very fashionable. On the other hand, the patchwork realization is much more exotic and particular with its union of different multicolored fabrics.

Cintura in pitone patchwork

Python handbags and wallets

Very fashionable among girls and women of all ages, the python print is once again very popular, also on accessories such as handbags and wallets. When it comes to real leather, there is no doubt, the accessory is a real luxury item that exhibits the craft quality of a unique and valuable supplement. Genuine python handbags and wallets are versatile and can be adapted to a daily or a formal outfit.

Borsa in vero pitone    Portafoglio donna in pitone

Python accessories: keychains, glasses cases, bracelets

The python has conquered them all: keychains, bracelets, glasses cases and much more. The animal spirit is widely expressed among the smallest accessories. Whether for practical use or for pure embellishment.

Bracciale in pitone

Much more than a trend, the python is a temptation (how to resist it!). But don’t overdo it: it is essential to match the tones of your clothes when you choose to wear it. Better an outfit with solid and neutral colors  if the accessory is already the protagonist. Choosing a real python leather by ensuring its quality guarantees the exclusivity of your accessory that will not go unnoticed. So say yes to the python mania but respect the value of your style choices.

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