No vacation for mens belts

...they reinvent themselves. Depending on the season, fashion accessories change and move with the times but belts remain a must-have throughout the year.

It’s summertime, we can finally get dressed freely. The tie and the bow tie are dedicated to ceremonies but when we talk about belts, we know how essential this accessory is, useful and timeless, especially in menswear. Choose carefully the one that suits you!

A quality men's belt must be comfortable. For the warm season, elastic models guarantee a comfortable and a versatile belt. Everyone thinks about having a leather belt at home but an elastic belt is also an ideal choice.

We handmade in Italy our elastic men's belts using raw materials of the best Italian manufactures and using natural water-based shades that are healthy for you and the environment. Our elastics are very comfortable and the stylistic effect is ensured. An accessory designed with another material can hardly match the comfort level of an elastic belt, the flexible fabric will fit all your movements. In addition, the braided elastic allows you to buckle your belt where you want without the need to shorten it.

Elastic belts are perfect for summer and go well with informal outfits but always refined like our boat or adventure models.

Cintura elastica beige  Cintura elastica multicolore

New models of elastic belts

Belts also change their look. New elastic belts are in our range and others will be arriving. Our latest creations are composed of color schemes and fabrics such as cotton, elastane and genuine leather for finishes. We can’t do without an azure and blue braided model in our collection or without a multicolored belt with pastel tones in harmony with a summer look. The more classic blended belts will allow you to have an elastic belt to wear for every occasion.

Cintura elastica blu e azzurra  Cintura elastica multicolore pastello  Cintura elastica rossa e blu melange

In our catalog, you can customize your belt, choosing a nickel-free buckle, opting for a custom length or asking for the engraving of a name, a date or a sentence.  

For your holiday, elasticity is the best way!

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