How to shorten your belt?

A quick and easy way to shorten your leather belt or braided belt. Here how to do it.

It happens to all of us to find the belt of our dreams, exactly the model that we were looking for. Unfortunetly, there is a problem: it is not the right size. Let's see together how to shorten the belt instead of giving it up.

Usually, the belt is made up of five holes and must be buckled on the third hole to be ajusted. Now let's make a distinction between classic leather belts and braided belts.

How to shorten a leather belt?

First of all, you have to check out if the belt has a ring or a screw at the buckle. Sometimes the buckle is directly sewn on the leather belt, a solution perhaps more elegant and refined but less practical. Brucle belts can be shorten in a simple and quick way because they have either a ring or a screw. So, if your size changed, you will not have to change the belt.

To shorten a belt in low-price, you can go to the shoe repairer who will do it in few minutes. If you do not have time, you can easily shorten it yourself at home. Here how to shorten a leather belt.

After taking the exact measurement, take off the the ring or the screw. Pull out the buckle and cut off the excess piece of leather belt. A good pair of scissors will work, and if the cut is not perfect, no problem, at the end it will be covered by the buckle.

Use the cut piece to pierce the belt. Respect the distance between the end and the hole. If you do not have a hole punch, you can use a knife or the point of the scissors. The hole must be large enough to thread the ring or the screw. Then, you will have to insert the buckle in the hole that you just pierced and tighten the screw. Here we are, you belt is adjusted!

How to shorten a braided belt?

How to shorten a braided belt? Braided belts do not have holes so you should not have to shorten it, unless the size is much larger than yours. In this case, you can still adjust it in a few steps.

The procedure is the same that for leather belts, with some tips. After the measurements and before removing the buckle, we advise you to tighten your braided belt with tape at the end to fix the elastic after cutting. We recommend to keep the tape after putting the buckle back to provide the durability and the resistance of your accessory. Of course, what goes beyond the buckle must be cut but more you leave some, more the product will be resistant. We remind you that it is essential to tighten the closing screw.

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