How to shorten your belt?

A quick and easy way to shorten your leather belt or braided belt. Here how to do it.

It happens to all of us: we find the belt of our dreams, exactly the model we were looking for.
Unfortunately, there is a problem: it's not the right size.
Let's see together how to shorten the belt instead of giving it up.
The men's belts and the women's belts from the Brucle Collection can be shortened.
Because they perfectly reflect our philosophy of "slow fashion," which focuses on creating high-quality clothing accessories designed to last over time, produced ethically and with a responsible approach to production.
Our belts are an excellent example of how an accessory can combine functionalitystyle, and resistance.
We'll begin this brief excursion by distinguishing between leather belts, which have holes, and elastic belts, which don't.

How to shorten a leather belt Brucle?

leather belt Brucle

First, check if the belt has a ring or a screw at the buckle. Sometimes the buckle is directly sewn onto the leather belt, a solution perhaps more elegant and refined but less practical. Brucle belts can be shortened in a simple and quick way because they have either a ring or a screw. So, if your size changes, you won't have to change the belt.

To shorten a belt, you can go to a shoe repairer who will do it in a few minutes. If you don't have time, you can easily shorten it yourself at home. Here are some helpful tips on how to shorten a leather belt:

  1. After taking the exact measurement, remove the ring or the screw.
  2. Pull out the buckle and cut off the excess piece of leather belt. A good pair of scissors will work, and if the cut is not perfect, no problem - the end will be covered by the buckle.
  3. Use the cut piece to pierce the belt. Maintain the proper distance between the end and the hole.
  4. If you don't have a hole punch, you can use a knife or the point of the scissors. The hole must be large enough to thread the ring or the screw.
  5. Finally, insert the buckle into the hole you just pierced and tighten the screw.

There you have it, your belt is adjusted!

How to shorten a braided belt Brucle?

elastic belt Brucle

Elastic belts don't have holes, and so unless they are much larger, there is often no real reason to shorten them. If necessary, you can still do it yourself with a few simple steps.

Our advice, in this case, is to pay close attention when shortening an elastic belt and, if you don't have manual skills, contact a specialized shoemaker.

The procedure is the same as for leather belts, with some additional tips:

  1. After taking the measurements and before removing the buckle, we advise you to secure your braided belt with tape at the end to fix the elastic after cutting. We recommend keeping the tape after putting the buckle back to ensure the durability and resistance of your accessory. Of course, what goes beyond the buckle must be cut, but the more you leave, the more resistant the product will be.
  2. Remember that it is essential to tighten the closing screw.

With these useful tips, shortening a belt will be even easier.

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