How to clean the suede leather?

Taking care of the suede leather is the first step to keep its beauty over time. Let’s see how to clean the suede leather accessories and how to protect them from stains.

The suede leather is more delicate than others, it absorbs more easily the dirt and it’s for this reason that it’s more difficult to maintain. The suede leather cleaning is especially for shoes and other items like jackets, purses and belts, we will see that in details just after.

How to maintain the suede leather daily?

Cleaning regularly the suede leather is the first thing to do, every day: a simple thing that will help you to keep the beauty of your accessories for a long time. The suede leather cleaning can be done with a special suede leather brush with soft hairs, optimal to remove the dirt, the dust and to revive the leather. You also can find specials sprays for the suede care, useful and effective to protect the leather from the external agents that could damage it.

Two cleaning tips to eliminate the stains on the suede leather

Because of its delicacy, this type of leather can be easily stained but in most of the cases it’s just a ring of water. All you will just have to dab the stain carefully with a towel and absorb all the water; the rapidity is the secret to eliminate the stains on the suede leather: faster you do this, easier you will get a good result.

And how to eliminate the oil stains on the suede leather? For the oil stains or all the other substances, we will have to use strong absorbant products like talc. You will have to applicate it on the stain and put a piece of paper on it. Wait a minute and brush the suede leather to eliminate the rest of the dust.

How to clean the suede leather belt?

For many of us, cleaning the suede leather is a chore because you can’t put in the washing machine. For calfskin and leather, a cotton and cleansing milk are enough to make the leather like new. On the contrary, the cleaning of suede lether belts seems more complicated. In handcrafted production, suede leather belts are treated with care but water is the main ennemy of the suede leather (especially if the color is light). Coffee, wine and oils stains are also very stubborn.

The first tip, as for other items in suede leather (shoes, jackets, etc.) is to preserve the accessories. To protect the suede leather belts, we advise you to put it away in a dust bag, this small pocket is often offered with the belt. Then, we recommend to use a specific product to take care of it from time to time.

Finally, to detach the suede leather belts, we advise to dab slowly with an absorbant cloth and rapidly dry the water stains on the suede leather; do not hesitate to brush if the stains are more resistant.

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