Giampaolo Atzeni’s new pocket squares for men from Brucle

The union between Giampaolo Atzeni’s inspiration and the Italian haute couture gave birth to the new Brucle pocket squares made of printed silk, sewn by our best craftsmen.

Four drawings for an essential fashion accessory. Extravagance and elegance are represented in details : the pocket square freely expresses the personality of the man who wears it. This accessory is distinguishable from the whole and shouldn’t be matched with the fabric or the color of the tie.

This year, pockets are full of Art. The creations of Giampaolo Atzeni are an exhaustive mix of his knowledge as a stylist, an architect and a designer without forgetting the essence of a measurable personality who collaborates with the greatest names in Haute Couture and Fashion.

Atzeni has created these four representations for us, they have all been reproduced on pure silk by our masters. Every pocket square is the fruit of a work realized by Italian hands and brains.


Legs of occidental and oriental women are walking on the Globe: the drawing symbolizes the meeting between two distant cultures on a rhinoceros. This endangered animal represents the fragile balance of these ethnic groups. It reminds us the Dürer’s surrealist opera.


Sensual legs of a woman protrude over an armchair, we can’t see her bust and her face. She’s slightly lying on the chair. The latter is not an insignificant object of decoration, it is a capital: an element of great importance for architecture and a symbol of the Greek and Roman civilization. The capital is one of the pillars of our culture.


The precise cut of the scissors/woman symbolizes the clean break with the past. The long legs represent the escape of a bygone past and the woman leaves behind the pages of a book and a handbag full of memories to head towards the new azure horizon.

Tempus Fugit

The clock marks the time that goes by and the woman’s legs move the hands, the hours turn into handbags, mouths, bananas, fishes, snakes. The feminine world, in constant evolution, is filled with antique and modern symbolisms.

You will enjoy wearing our new pocket squares at work, during your day off or on special events: Art has no limit, its expression is free in any occasion.

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