Custom fashion accessories for a unique style!

A craft product already enjoys an exclusive work that is reserved for it but would you like to make it truly unique? Find out how to do it with the new accessory customization service.

The points in favor of Italian craftsmanship are numerous. Handcrafted accessories are made with care and passion by expert and delicate hands that assemble piece by piece all that is needed to create a quality product. Being handicraft productions, handmade accessories often have some differences between them, we can notice it in the finishes. It is precisely this peculiarity that gives value to our products, none is totally equal to the other.

Beyond the specificity of Italian know-how, we always want more. Exclusivity is not enough for us, we want them to be unique. How do we proceed? With the the new service dedicated to personalized fashion accessories!

Customize your Brucle accessories

Thanks to the customization service, you can personalize your belt, your suspenders, keychains, wallets or a Brucle pocket square. A date, a name, a word or initials, we can engrave all that you wish and give a personal touch to your accessory.

Personalized belts: on the buckle or on the leather?

For belts, you can choose to customize the buckle or the leather. The effect is different but it is guaranteed in both cases. The engraving on the buckle is less visible and more delicate; on the leather the result is very visible and striking.

Custom suspenders

Among the personalized fashion accessories, suspenders stand out: they are very fashionable in modern men's outfits and always present in the classic ones, suspenders are a lifestyle. Customizing is a way to get an even more original trendy accessory. For some time, we have been customizing our suspenders by adding the label on the adjustment loops; now you can also customize the clips: look at the result with the initials!

Personalized fashion accessories: keychains, wallets and pocket squares

The list of Brucle accessories that you can make unique does not stop here: you can also personalize your keychain, your wallet or your pocket square! Keychains are a very popular gift idea, with an important date or the name of a loved one, keychains are always a very current tribute.

We put the exclusivity of Italian crafts and you can customize your style and wear what makes you unique. To personalize your Brucle fashion accessories, contact us!

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