Brucle men’s belts in the world of Italian craftsmanship

Handmade in Italy: a whole universe of values ​​in one accessory only. Find your handmade belt of our men’s collection.

The Italian craftsmanship is quality and creativity, a know-how is worth more than a business card : raw materials are chosen and made with care. We work only with craftsmen for the art of detail and the sense of beauty.

How can we recognize the Italian craftsmanship in an accessory? Let our belts tell you! Belts for boys will never be old-fashioned in your wardrobe, they are timeless.

We can notice the high quality of Brucle men’s belts at first sight. We don’t use corrected grain leather or split leather. All our leathers, including those exotic, are top-grade materials and all certified Cites. Some of our models are printed with three dimensional effects in order to have a better result than the one obtained with a classical printing. Leathers and composition of our men’s belts say a lot about the Italian know-how : craftsmanship is more than the workmanship of materials, you can see it the finishes.

Small details take shape on every belt and make it irreplaceable. It is the result of a meticulous work. Even the most talented could not reproduce the same peculiarities several times on a handmade belt: your belt is unique.

Inner linings of Brucle belts are composed of full grain leather: nubuck is a high quality material which ensures the resistance, the flexibility as well as the brightness of your belt.

And what about the buckle of men’s belts? Our buckles are all in brass and very resistant. They won’t be damaged in case of impact.

To conclude, the sense of beauty is one of the most important value in our well-established tradition. Beauty represents the Italian know-how and the nuances of men’s desires  classical men’s belts, braided belts, suede leather belts or else reversible reconcile the beauty of the handicraft with the versatility.

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