Belts become nickel free thanks to new hypoallergenic buckles

Belts catalog widens with a new customization: nickel free buckles. Discover them all!

With nickel free buckles, we have enriched our accessories catalog with this variant for people allergic to nickel. Rigorously made in Italy, nickel free buckles are part of the customizations available for belts. It is also possible to buy them separately and put them on your belt provided that it has a system that allows you to replace the buckle easily. Let's see now the details of this novelty.

Nickel is a metal of the same groupe as iron, it is widely used for fashion accessories because it gives more brilliance to alloys. Accessories such as belts do not have a direct and prolonged contact with the skin, therefore the quantity of nickel diffused remains very low. However, an increasing percentage of people has developed an allergy to this metal, which can cause annoying dermatitis.

Create a line of nickel free hypoallergenic buckles, in compliance with REACH regulations for products in direct and prolonged contact with the skin, meets the requirements of many customers who need a nickel free belt.  

Nickel free buckles

Our nickel free buckles are made of brass, a very robust material (much more than other alloys) that can withstand shocks and keep its quality over time. The buckle is a very important part of the belt, it defines its line and sometimes even its nature. We have therefore thought of different models to meet all the requirements: from classic style to casual look.

With the polished silver finish, the buckle is particularly suitable for elegant belts: on the contrary, the satin brass is indicated for a sportier outfit. In addition, in our catalog you will find different sizes and shapes, rounded or square. All hypoallergenic. All nickel free.


Brass nickel free buckles with polished finish

Fibbia nichel free finitura lucida  Fibbia lucida senza nichel  Fibbia stondata lucida nichel free  

Brass nickel free buckles with satin finish

Fibbia senza nichel satinata  Fibbia in ottone satinata nichel free  Fibbia anallergica nichel free

The other metal parts of the belt are also made without nickel. Furthermore, if you customize your belt by choosing a hypoallergenic buckle, we send you the nickel free screw and a small screwdriver that will allow you to change the buckle easily without the need for other tools.

All our buckles are manufactured in Italy by companies with several years of experience in this sector. Choose your nickel free buckle or save by customizing the belt you want to buy. For elastic belts with a sewn buckle, we make nichel free buckles on request.

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