Because a craft belt is not just a handmade belt

How is the craft belt made? We will show you all the elements that compose it; from the materials used to the passion of our craftsmen.

What does "handcrafted" really mean? The term refers to small productions made by a limited number of craftsmen and is mainly used as opposed to the term "industrial" which indicates a mass production intended for large retailers. When we use «handcrafted», we can also say "handmade". A craft product is a handmade product. Yes, but not only!

It is made by hand but also designed with heart and head and especially with ingenuity and creativity. It is made with the quality of the chosen materials but also with the love of the one who created it.

Quality: it begins with the choice of materials and is done by selecting the most popular raw materials able to guarantee a lasting product of excellence.

Creativity: hands that create and work for one purpose, to create an exclusive product that is never commonplace.

Ingenuity: a craft product is also made of ingenuity. Whoever creates it finds the necessary developments to achieve a perfect functioning.

Uniqueness: manual work tolerates small imperfections and it is thanks to them that a handmade accessory is not only exclusive but also truly unique.

This is how we realize our collection of handmade belts, thanks to the experience of craftsmen and especially thanks to their passion. That's why in a traditional belt several factors are beyond the basic meaning of a product made by hand and in limited quantities. 

Handmade belts: what more do they have?

Our belts are all made according to a governing principle; that is, the contemporary craft. The Italian design of creations, together with the highly qualified workforce, allows us to assemble all the typical values of craftsmanship made in Italy and to combine them into an exceptional accessory.

Particular attention is paid to the selection of fabrics and materials: we work with selected and precious leathers using only vegetable tannins to preserve people and the environment. For buckles, we choose brass, much more resistant than other alloys. For linings, we opt for the full grain nubuck, a superior quality material that stays well over time. The finishes are made by the expert and attentive hands of our craftsmen who make each belt a unique and unrivaled accessory.

Italian craftsmanship offers its achievements an extra asset. It is synonymous with manufacturing, meticulous work, love for creation and so much more. We recognize a craft belt thanks to its beauty, its aesthetics, the quality of its lines, its fabrics, its appearance and all the values it contains.

That's why a craft belt is not just a handmade belt. 

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