Accessories for suspenders: buy online in our shop

Further to the success of Brucle suspenders, we have created a line of spare parts and accessories designed for our models.

Have you already thought of accessorizing your suspenders? In our collection of men’s suspenders, you will find our accessories (buttons, clips, buttonholes) dedicated to those who want to personalize their look.

Enthusiasts are particularly attached to their accessories and the latter allow them to have a unique and inimitable look.

Accessories and spare parts for suspenders are at the same time a comfort and a habit. Most of our suspenders have a double use, they can be wear with clips or buttons. From now on, you have the possibility of choosing them in our catalogue. Replacement clips, buttons for suspenders, buttonholes with clips more comfortable and trendy but less elegant than traditional buttonholes with buttons.

Below is the complete list of our accessories:

Replacement clips


Replacement clips for suspenders can be useful if you need to replace them. The internal hooks are composed of gum not to damage your pants. In the Deluxe version, clips have a satiny finish.

Buttons for suspenders

You can wear our buttons with buttonholes instead of clips. They confer more elegance on your outfit because buttons are sewn directly inside the pants. The pack is composed of six black or brown buttons.

Leather buttonholes


Our leather buttonholes with clips allow you to accessorize your suspenders. They are easy to wear and perfect for a trendy look. In our sets, you will find three leather buttonholes (indicated for braces Y with exchangeable buttonholes and clips) and they are available in three colors: blue, black and dark brown.

Clip-on buttons for suspenders

Black, silver or with a vintage effect, find out all our clip-on buttons for suspenders. You will be able to fasten them in a split second to your pants. There is no need to sew them. Functional and aesthetically pleasing, they will make your style more elegant.

Shop online and choose your accessories.

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