Our Suspenders Size Guide

Guide chart for Suspenders sizes


Elastic suspenders


BRUCLE elastic suspenders are all adjustable. We decided to produce a standard size of 120 cm (47,2 in) covering the needs of most men and women up 190 cm (6’ 2) tall (this changes slightly between mustache attachments and clip attachments: suspenders worn with clips are better suited for people who are up to 185 cm (6’ 0) tall). Height is just indicative, as when choosing the perfect fit general built is also a factor to consider. Thanks to the two front length regulators, elastic suspenders can be easily adjusted to your personal needs.

Upon request, we can produce suspenders up to 160 cm (62,9 in) long.


Leather suspenders


BRUCLE leather suspenders are made with two crystal translucent soft calf leather straps. These ones are not adjustable; only the back elastic satin strap is adjustable (it can be shortened but not lengthened).
For these suspenderes it is not possible to indicate a reference height as regulation of the length is minamal and personal body built is a key factor. These suspenders are produced in length spanning from 90 cm (35,4 in) to 120 cm (47,2 in), but, upon request, we can produce suspenders in different lengths from the ones within this range.


BRUCLE suggests you wear a pair of trousers in order to find your ideal suspender length. Measure the distance from a front beltloop to a back one by placing the measuring tape so that it lies on your shoulder, Consider that leather suspenders tend to have a minimal settling factor, and that regulation of length is only possible up to 15 cm (5,9 in).


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