• Leather belt patchwork, black. Design, materials and manufacturing make each belt an exclusive. Suitable for a sporty and casual trendy outfit. Its colors make it easy to match. Satin finish solid brass buckle

    72,95 €
  • Genuin Calf Leather casual Galles Belt, ideal to give a touch of trendy and glamour to your look. Easy to be resized to get the perfect fit

    77,87 €
  • Belt crocodile for mens', color ecru, handcrafted in Italy.  A belt that never goes out of fashion, an exclusive belt for an exceptional man.

    269,67 €
  • Crocodile Belt for men's, red marlboro.Crocodile belts are demanded by all of today's fashionable elite. Handcrafted in Italy.

    269,67 €
  • Crocodile leather belt for men, burgundy. An accessory exclusive and chic, recommended for those who want a stylish and luxurious outfit. A belt that never goes out of fashion, made with care and that will last over years.Brucle's collection, 100% Made in Italy.

    269,67 €