• Thin suspenders for men and women that reimagine the Regimental vertical stripe motif in an almost three-dimensional variant. These suspenders are complemented by hand-shaded leather parts in gray and blue, which make each model unique and inimitable. Entirely nickel free, they are 100% Made in Italy.

    31,97 €
  • A timeless and classic model, these stretchy grey and black Regimental style suspenders are perfect for outfits ranging from elegant to casual. Embellished with hand-shaded leather parts and completed by entirely nickel-free metal parts, they are a must-have accessory in any wardrobe. 100% Made in Italy.

    31,97 €
  • Refined and comfortable double-use burgundy braces, to be used with a mustache or with clips. A versatile and elegant model, embellished with burgundy leather parts with matching stitching. 100% Made in Italy.

    40,16 €