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Italian made silk tie


Sartorial  men's neckties, realized with only the best Como silk sewn by hand. The ties from the BRUCLE men's collection can be combined with other accessories from our collection such as pocket squares, suspenders or belts, and are suitable for both a business look and ceremonies or weddings. Each BRUCLE tie is a unique piece handmade in Italy. Discover now our new collection of ties and choose the one that best suits your needs.

A History of the necktie: a long tradition connecting Roman legionnaires with the Age of Extremes

Although historical traces of the ancestor of the necktie can be found in the 2nd century AD, when Roman legionnaires used pieces of cloth around their necks to protect themselves from different weathers, the official origin of necktie, cravat and bow tie is considered to be the XVII century’s Thirty Years’ War. During this time, Croatian mercenaries often closed the front of their shirts with foulards. It is from the same stem word of "Croatian" and "Croat" that the French term “cravate”, identifying the precursor of the necktie, was born.

The initial interest of Parisians for this accessory  was grandly enhanced by the trend-setter Louis XIV, the Sun King, whose power over nobility fashion through Europe is easily relatable with that of modern influencers.

The first book completely dedicated to neckties and knotting them was first published in France at the beginning of the XIX century, and it included 32 different methods of wearing this fashion accessory.

Our modern necktie design was ideated in 1920 New York, then popularized and refined through the following decades until it became the iconic fashion accessory that we now know and use.

Types of neckties: differences in style, folding and lining

Necktie styles differ from one another depending on the fabrics used and on how many times they are folded into their shape.

The most common and classic, necktie is the 3-fold tie, consisting of fabric (usually silk) folded in a triplure, but neckties can come in many different models such as the 5-fold, 7-fold and 9-fold. 3-fold ties usually present lining that give them some volume and slight rigidity.

7-fold and 9-fold ties are a relatively uncommon fashion accessory, only worn by necktie coinnessaurs looking for a truly unique and sophisticated piece. They are usually without lining and contribute to creating of an overall look that exudes true refinement.

Upon request, BRUCLE can provide you with many different kinds of neckties and customizations: you can request extra-long neckties, neckties with lining or without lining, 3-fold, 5-fold and 7-fold neckties.

Printed or embroidered: which silk to choose?

For its neckties, BRUCLE has chosen only the most refined silk manufactures from Como, Italy, that stand out for the long tradition of craftsmanship, for their softness, luminosity and elegance. Our handcrafted silk comes in two styles: printed and embroidered, the latter astounding for their unique tridimensional effect.

Our neckties can be coordinated with matching pocket squares and satin suspenders in order to complete your ceremonial or formal look. Our most informal patterns are ideal for both work environments and for your free time looks.

How to coordinate your necktie with other accessories

The artisanal nature of our neckties makes it possible for us to create unique pieces responding to your every personal request: we can match your uniquely customized necktie with suspenders, pocket squares and even facemasks of the same pattern.

You can also try on creative juxtapositions by wearing your necktie with contrasting accessories. In our new collection, you can find many different patterns to choose from to match your own personal style.

How many tie knots are there?

According to mathematician Thomas Fink, there are almost 180 thousand possible ways of knotting a tie, but, in their 1999 book, he limited the options to a still impressive number: 85 different tie knots!

Find your own personal style by looking for a distinctive way of knotting your necktie, such as the elegant Eldredge knot. Many online and smartphone app tutorials can help you explore this uncommon yet creative way of making an outfit truly unique to yourself.

Men’s neckties: fashion tips

Always make sure your necktie is made with natural fabrics. The best choice for every situation and for every season is the silk necktie. For winter weathers, you can also choose a combination silk-wool or cachemere, very fashionable alongside tweed.

Mind the size! BRUCLE neckties have a standard length that can be easily customized to your height and for your specific needs.

Color-match your necktie, minding the colors of your shirt, jacket and trousers. The most elegant and formal coordinations are those made with different intensities of the same hue, but if your style allows for color experimentation and eccentricity, you can also make your necktie stand out by making it contrast with the colors of the rest of your outfit.

How to clean your necktie

The fine silk of BRUCLE neckties requires dry cleaning.