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Genuine python bag. Clutch bag, bucket bag, shopping bag, genuine python handbag. Only handmade in Italy. Specially designed for those who like a fashion quality product with an exclusive design.

Luxury Bags 

The BRUCLE Women’s leather purse line is handmade in Italy using the finest python leather. They are a fashion statement that denotes class and sophistication, while still being adaptable for many different uses and social situations. Our Women’s leather purses will make you stand out in formal environments.
  • Snappy clutch bag made in genuine high quality python to hold by hand or wrist, thanks to the python cuff, or by shoulder with the chain strap. Ideal for any situation, it finds its natural location in special events: weddings, ceremonies, elegant evenings; the occasions where a single bag can give the look a touch of glamour.   Color: Bordeaux Dimension: L28,50xH11xD2cm  

    225,00 € 450,00 €

Women’s handbags: from undergarment to outerwear

Sacks, bags, various object holders: they have existed ever since humankind has had the need to carry objects around. However, that doesn’t mean the history of Women’s bags is not absolutely counterintuitive and fascinating.

Before the ideation of Women’s handbags as we know them, women used to wear object carriers hidden underneath their skirts, as part of their undergarments. Larger skirts allowed for relatively large objects to be easily held without being visible and ruining an outfit’s aesthetic.

With the thinning of Women’s skirts, though, quite suddenly there wasn’t enough space for carrying objects in a woman’s daily outfit; change was needed – during the XIX century there was a slow journey of acceptance from objects that were initially not made to be seen as part of a woman’s undergarments to everyday outerwear. Thus, Women’s handbags came to be.

BRUCLE Women’s handbags: you decide how to wear them!

Our genuine python leather luxury clutch bags come with detachable chain shoulder straps and with a detachable matching genuine python wrist strap. This means that, depending on your fashion needs, you can carry your bag around in three different ways:

Carried hanging from your shoulder, a BRUCLE Woman’s clutch bag can be a nice addition to a casual-chic outfit, for your everyday wear.

Wrist straps and handcarried clutch bags are more indicated for formal occasions and elegant evenings, giving your outfit a touch of sophistication and glamor.